A Regenerative Development Corporation

We activate regenerative networks by building place-based capability and capacity of communities.
Ter*ra [ˈtɛr ə]   Cu*ra [ˈku:ra] n. EARTH CARE & HEALING


A future in which our economy works with nature
In a way that increases the vitality of human, environmental and spiritual health.


To advance the development of projects, organizations and communities in a regenerative direction
In a way that values and respects the environment and culture
So that the economy, people and the planet can live in a healthy state of growth and evolution. 


Social Equity
Ecological Health
Cultural Celebration
Systemic Impact

Approach - Regenerative Development

"A practice to uncover the potential and essence of a place as a living system, in order to build the vitality and health of its people, environment and economy."

Our projects act as leverage points in communities for long term educational tools, and platforms for building environmental and public health. We utilize frameworks as foundational tools for staying true to our values, holding dynamic complexities in mind. 


We believe it is essential to pursue at least three lines of work together and simultaneously. This framework enables Terra Cura to align personal and professional development with our values and design process. It assists in holding the big picture in mind - nested, inter-dependent areas of impact that we aspire to set in motion for each client.

illustration  by Eva Leung

illustration by Eva Leung