Project Overview

George Farms is a farm conglomerate of approximately 5000 acres in Kakata, Margibi County (Liberia, West Africa) focused on providing fresh produce and fruits to the Monrovia market. Terra Cura Inc., in partnership with Icarus International LLC, is undergoing project development and fundraising efforts to pair foreign and local direct investments with Liberian assets such as farmland, commercial and residential real estate. Currently suffering 40% post harvest lost, the goal is to develop Icarus' role as a catalyst to not only improve the agricultural value chain, but becoming one of the main drivers of economic and social growth, generator of employment and environmental health in Liberia.

Phase I shall include intensive on-site research and community engagement, as a means to understand the regional patterns related to geological, biological and human settlements (businesses, homes, infrastructure). To complement Icarus’ focus on assets implementation details (programs, products, services, infrastructure), Terra Cura shall facilitate, research and connect George Farms assets’  impact on, and influence by the complex living systems within which they reside. We believe the ability to work at both local, regional systems and detail level is crucial to effective use of natural, social, and financial resources, allowing George Farms stakeholders to build capacity for long term, systemic impact.