Project Overview

Kinship Retreat Center is a 40-acre community, education and living space in Hamilton, Massachusetts. The design and programming combines regenerative forestry, agriculture, interfaith practices, residence and community center. Currently, Terra Cura is conducting Phase I research, community engagement and programming. The goal is to uncover regional patterns such as watersheds and its hydrological flows, nutrient cycles, eco-tourism, indigenous history and land use policy that inform the potential impact of Kinship on Hamilton and the larger Northshore community.

The purpose of Kinship Retreat Center is to seek, plant, and nurture seeds of spiritual, relational, and ecological best practices; In a way that acknowledges the divine and those in most need, collaboratively supports and energizes local and global partners and communities, celebrates potential, progress, healing, and healthy results, and shares all harvests; Such that self-sustaining productivity, liberating honesty and clarity, and the tender, loving embrace of God are increasingly felt and harmoniously expressed.