Community Food Systems Conference Workshop - A New Economics That Support Community Food Systems

Adam Davenport, Terra Cura's Director of Sustainability and Community Development will be presenting with Greg Watson (Schumacher Center for New Economics), Pen Loh (Tufts University's Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning), and David Bollier (author, policy strategist, international activist and blogger) at the Community Food Systems Conference on December 6, 2017.


A major challenge facing community food systems is how to address the needs of consumers around accessibility and affordability (especially in lower-income communities) and those of the participating farmers trying to achieve economic viability.  Often times these goals seem to be at odds with one another.  In fact, they are irreconcilable within the current capitalistic economic system.  There is a need to co-develop a new form of economics that is compatible with local food systems that based on synergistic principles and values.  Examples of tools and strategies to draw upon include community land trusts, commons, local currencies, import replacement and CSAs, among others.

Attempts at building truly sustainable community food systems that must operate within the current economic system will be frustrating at best. The learning goal of this workshop is to share with participants some tools and strategies for transforming the existing economic that favors agribusiness-based food systems to one that is consistent with the goals of sustainable food systems that are grounded in ecological principles and designed to strengthen local supply chains/loops.

Seed Saving and Medicinal Herbs Workshop

  • Saturday, November 4, 2017

  • 1:00pm  3:00pm

  • Wildlands Trust 675 Long Pond Road Plymouth, MA, 02360 United States (map)

Join Dave Scandurra and Marina Matos of Edible Landscapes of Cape Cod for a seed saving and medicinal herbs workshop hosted by Terra Cura, Inc. and Wildlands Trust! The seed saving workshop will cover the techniques, materials and will discuss everything you will need to know to get started saving your own seeds. The medicinal herb workshop will examine local plants often classified as "weeds" that can be very beneficial to our well-being. We will learn how to harvest, store and prepare these herbs.

$10 members / $15 nonmembers.

Tickets must be purchased in advance.


Somerville Community Growing Center - Educational Video

Do you love the The Somerville Community Growing Center? Have you ever attended an event there? Do you not know what this urban garden oasis is in Somerville? Learn more about one of Somerville's best kept green spaces in this short educational video.

The video was created by the ever talented Stuart Roelke and stars Eva Leung and Adam Davenport of Terra Cura Inc. and Lisa Brukilacchio of the Growing Center.

Healthy Plymouth Amazing Race Fundraiser

Join us for Healthy Plymouth's Amazing Race Fundraiser to benefit the Terra Cura Plymouth Community Gardens. Teams of 4 will race around downtown Plymouth following clues and competing in fun challenges. Prizes awarded to top teams at the rockin' afterparty.

For more information and to register, please visit 

Plymouth Rotary Auction Planter Winner

Congratulations to the winners of the Terra Cura Plymouth Rotary Auction cedar planter, Vanessa Verkade and her husband Peter Baird. Vanessa chose an assorted of organic plants, a few of which were, tomatoes, basil, black hungarian and yellow peppers, rosemary and nasturtiums. The planter box is located right outside the door to their home and it will be a delicious resource in the months to come. Thank you for supporting the Plymouth Rotary and Terra Cura’s mission to teach people about growing organic food right outside their door.

PCN PACTV Community News Plymouth School Kids Grow Tomatoes with Sheriff Farm and Terra Cura!

PCN PACTIV stopped in to the Hedge Elementary School to learn more about Healthy Plymouth’s partnership with the non profit group Terra Cura and how they utilized the recently constructed garden beds throughout the community while allowing school children to see the growing process of tomatoes from seed to sauce. This is part of the “tomato sauce initiative.”, which entails students taking part in planting and growing tomatoes and eventually using them in a tomato sauce for a pasta dinner in September. Check out the video!