a future where our economy and business work with nature, in a way that increases the vitality of human, environmental and spiritual health.

Ter*ra [ˈtɛr ə]   Cu*ra [ˈku:ra] n. EARTH CARE & Healing


We serve as designers, facilitators, and educators to co-create local projects that bridge mutually beneficial relationships within communities, leading to a ripple effect of global positive change.

Guiding Frameworks

Designing for a Regenerative economy

What if we look beyond financial capital as the primary currency of value? As Terra Curators, we activate flows of  ‘other assets’ through setting up beneficial connections among all forms of capital. Learn more about Regenerative Enterprise from Ethan Roland's work - Eight Forms of Capital.

illustration by Eva Leung /Adam Davenport

Permaculture - An Ethical & Design Framework

To design for both efficiency and effectiveness, our work integrates principles and strategies of the permaculture movement, promoting the ethics of land care, people care, and fair share.  We embrace patterns of nature to create the details in our development and education processes.


illustration by Eva Leung /

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