Integrated Design, Development & Education

We co-create a custom scope of service unique to each project with our clients - ranging from research, visioning, project design and management, community organization development and fundraising.  Contact us at for details. 
Our methodology focuses on 3 steps that are iterative and concurrent.

Our Methodology - ABC Framework

  • Aligning Purpose through Story of Place,

  • Building Stakeholders' Capacity,

  • Co-evolving Partnerships through Developmental Consulting

ABC Framework of Terra Cura Consulting -   Aligning Purpose, Building Capacity, Co-evolving Partnerships

ABC Framework of Terra Cura Consulting - Aligning Purpose, Building Capacity, Co-evolving Partnerships

What is Story of Place® ?

Story of Place is grounded in the premise that inhabitants become divided due to different ways of thinking about what is best for their place, rather than by a lack of care for its well-being. This process uncovers the ecological identity and cultural characters of a place, defining “how life works here” and “what doesn’t.” Key patterns that hold true across the place’s ecological, social, and economic systems emerge, speaking to people’s lived experience.  By elevating the ability to think creatively and collaboratively, Story of Place provides an unparalleled foundation for planning and project development of collaborative networks.

  • An approach to co-create a shared narrative based on unique potential of a place and people, beyond fragmented issues.
  • A systematic research methodology that aligns stakeholders around a clear, fact-based understanding of the unique potential of their place.
  • A process that allows problems to fall into their true systemic context.
  • An engagement method that can inspire and galvanize diverse stakeholder groups from a place of care and harmony, as opposed to fear and compromise.
  • It is a developmental process, a practice. It is not a change management event.

Our Story of Place process was founded on the pioneering efforts, advice and partnership with Regenesis Group.

VALUE ADD - Top-Down & Bottom-Up Resource INTEGRATION

A core value add to our process is the ability to facilitate authentic community engagement. It is a novel, yet tested process that could dissolve perceived barriers between "conflicting" groups, such as developers and activists, aligning stakeholders towards mission driven, impactful projects. Benefits include:

  • Build & sustain team motivation around a higher order meaningful purpose
  • Lower investment risks related to market fluctuations
  • Lower project costs
  • Shortens implementation time
  • Enables better capital allocation
  • Builds personal awaremess

who we work with

We work with individuals, organizations, businesses, and social impact investors with strong aspirations to catalyze long-term positive impact. Representative clients:

My experience working with Terra Cura has been marvelous. Adam and Eva offers a wealth of expertise in design, consulting and planning, which they leverage to illuminate possibilities for a project, focus the group’s vision, and engage creatively with stakeholders and community members to collaborate in executing plans. They combine sophisticated philosophical frameworks for ecological, social and design thinking with practical, hands-on knowledge, energizing everyone in the process.
— Lucy Hahn, SCGC Board Member