Power, Knowledge and Innovation Can Drive Communities towards Social, Environmental Health and Equity. But how do we get there?  

At Terra Cura, we enable long-term solutions for issues in food, health and environment through design.  With an emphasis on community engagement, we design processes and facilitate communication, effective partnerships between top-down (governments & design firms) and bottom-up resources (grassroots organizations & coalitions) . By integrating hands-on Education into our design process, we advocate for access to collective knowledge in every project.  

what makes us different?

To help our clients actualize holistic goals, our design team has a unique blend of skill sets ranging from Architectural Design, Civil Engineering, Sustainability, Agriculture, Education & Counselling, Community Development, Integrative Nutrition, Meditation and Non-Profit Program Development.  Learn about Our Team.

Story of a regenerative development process

A collaboration between Terra Cura Inc.Somerville Media Center, independent artist Stuart Roelke, funded by City of Somerville Community Preservation Act grant, this is an educational video outlining our regenerative development process for the redesign of Somerville Community Growing Center, a 1/4 acre urban oasis near Union Square, Somerville Massachusetts, created 20 years ago for environmental education, community gatherings, and cultural performances. 

Our Clients and Partners:

Schools / Institutions
Community Groups / Coalitions
Municipal Governments / Policy Makers
Professional Design / Planning Firms
Technology Innovators
Individual Do-gooders

Contact us at info@terracura.org for details. 

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My experience working with Terra Cura has been marvelous. Adam and Eva offers a wealth of expertise in design, consulting and planning, which they leverage to illuminate possibilities for a project, focus the group’s vision, and engage creatively with stakeholders and community members to collaborate in executing plans. They combine sophisticated philosophical frameworks for ecological, social and design thinking with practical, hands-on knowledge, energizing everyone in the process.
— Lucy Hahn, SCGC Board Member