Compost in somerville experiential workshop

As part of an upcoming series of workshops and design charrettes for the Somerville Community Growing Center upgrade in Somerville, Massachusetts, Terra Cura hosted our first information and work session around composting on site. Along with cover cropping with a zealous group of little gardeners – the Dragonfly Club, this is our first step towards soil regeneration for this project designed around permaculture principles. We are also very fortunate to have Conor Lally from Nutrient Networks to share about ecological sanitation trends, state regulations, misconceptions and vermicompost.

For our work session, a dozen of residents from Cambridge and Somerville joined in to build our compost lasagna! SCGC is also one of a number of Leaf Takers for the RakeHarvard Campaign. We delivered approximated 360 gallons of raked leaves from Harvard Graduate School of Design, and composted them along with collected hay and coffee grounds from local businesses.  Through connecting these dots, we hope to demonstrate how simple acts can easily direct regenerative flow of “waste” towards positive impact, closing waste stream and building collaboration within a community.

Check in for project updates and new events around the Somerville Community Growing Center upgrade in 2016!

Date: October 31, 2015

Location: 22 Vinal Avenue, Somerville, MA 02143