Our Story

Ter*ra [ˈtɛr ə]   Cu*ra [ˈku:ra] n. EARTH CARE

Founded in 2015, Terra Cura Inc. is a Massachusetts USA 501(c)3 non-profit bringing together innovative designers and environmental educators in the fields of architecture and permaculture. The founders’ early mission was to transform education through design -- using food system integration as a driver for positive change. The goal is to transform land development to advance,  rather than undermine, the health of communities and their economy.  Since then,  Terra Cura’s approach evolved into the emerging field of Regenerative Development, attracting thought leaders and partners that integrate four pillars of discipline: systems thinking, organization development, mindfulness practice and sustainable food systems. Together, we bring cross-sector skills and diverse project settings.

Meet Our Team

Once we make our decision, all things will come to us. Auspicious signs are not a superstition, but a confirmation. They are a response.
— Deng Ming Dao