jacqueline m. millar

Co-Founder | Director of  Education & Outreach

Jacqueline’s passion lies in educating students by connecting real life and hands on experiences to a wide range of curriculum.  After practicing real estate law for more than twenty years, Jacqueline pursued a degree in special education and completed the coursework to receive her Master of Education from Curry College in 2013. Her Capstone presentation topic was a summer enrichment encompassing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math “STEM” program called, “Summer on the Farm”.  

This program allows students many opportunities for hands-on learning by using 21st Century skills while running an organic farm. As designed, student tasks during the program include drafting a business plan that takes into consideration what to grow, how to grow it and what to do with the crops at the end of the growing season.  A myriad of Massachusetts curriculum frameworks are embedded in the design of this summer program. 

Jacqueline grew up in North Adams, Massachusetts and graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in 1982 with a degree in legal studies. While at the University of Massachusetts, she was an intern for Senator Edward M. Kennedy in Washington, D.C. She received her law degree from New England Law/ Boston in 1991. 

Jacqueline received a Certificate in the Culinary Arts from Boston University in 1996. She had the privilege to work alongside both Julia Child and Jacques Pepin who served on the board of trustees of that program. Upon completing her Permaculture Design Certification in the Spring of 2015 at Sirius EcoVillage in Shutesbury, Massachusetts, Jacqueline plans on practicing permaculture principles at home that she shares with her two sons, as well as in every aspect of her life.

Get in touch with Jacqueline at jackie.millar@terracura.org.